Clear and safe drinking water for Brgy. Concepcion in Busuanga, Palawan community, thanks to Matahio’s collaboration with local partners

Matahio Energy’s Philippines operating company NPG Pty Ltd (NPG) and Filipino Joint Venture partners of SC14C1 Galoc Field support the island communities of Busuanga, Culion and Linapacan, which lie adjacent to the Galoc field in NorthWest Palawan.

The Galoc Joint Venture works collaboratively with the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, who are tasked to secure and govern all environmentally critical projects located in the island of Palawan, screened and selected across three categories: Education, Livelihood and Health. To date over 400,000 USD worth of projects have been delivered providing solar electrification of a health centre, construction of an eco-tourism centre, school buildings and buses as well as other education and training initiatives.

Matahio recently visited the site of the latest project; a drinking water system located at Barangay Concepcion High School which will provide clear and safe drinking water for up to 300 homes as well as the school.

During the visit the Matahio’s team (Ed Cutiongco – Philippines Country Manager, Rob Fisher – Group COO and Clariss Layacan – NPG Operations Engineer) also met with the Mayor of Busuanga, Mayor Elizabeth Cervantes, and the municipal engineers to review proposals for future projects. The candidate projects included new school facilities for outlying islands, building greater climate resilience for public buildings and other energy related projects.

Ed Cutiongco, NPG Director and Matahio Energy’s Philippines Country Manager, says, ”We are striving to continually have a positive impact on the communities by embarking on sustainable development projects that will uplift the status quo of the people within our area of operation…”