Accord Partners Reduce Emissions In 2023 Update

New Zealand’s carbon emissions from the energy resources sector are 2.35 million tonnes per year lower than they were in 2010, thanks in large part to efficiency and emissions reduction initiatives by New Zealand’s sector. That is one of the key insights from the 2023 progress report released today, one year after the commencement of the Energy Resources Sector Net Zero Accord.

The 2023 update, Powering our low-emissions future, showcases the work Accord signatories are undertaking to share best practice and improve upon their emissions reductions to date as part of a managed, affordable, and durable transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

John Carnegie of Energy Resources Aotearoa, the Convening Partner of the Energy Resources Sector Net Zero Accord, says:

“Energy Resources Aotearoa is very proud to be the Convening Partner of the Energy Resources Sector New Zero Accord. A year on from the release of the Accord, the energy resources sector has demonstrated meaningful progress in reducing its overall emissions and improving its emissions efficiency. The 2023 update released today showcases this activity on the ground through several innovative projects being undertaken by the sector.

“These innovative projects showcase New Zealand’s energy sector’s commitment to sustainability, while ensuring Kiwi households and businesses have access to affordable and reliable energy options.”

Carnegie says that while the initial signatories of the Energy Resources Sector Net Zero Accord have comprised the major natural gas producers in the country, he encouraged other firms from across the energy value chain to become signatories or supporting partners.

“New Zealand’s transition to a net zero emissions future requires a community of likeminded organisations working together and sharing best practices. The support partners to the Accord underpin this journey by providing their services, infrastructure, insight, and experience to ensure there is ongoing innovation and collaboration across the sector.”

“With New Zealand on the cusp of having a regulatory regime that would allow carbon capture projects to proceed, now is a very exciting time for New Zealand’s energy sector to play an important role in delivering a net zero emissions economy. The Accord provides the platform for constructive engagement between the sector and the incoming Government, whomever that might be.”

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